Dyan Nova Cat's Saxon APC (35t)
Model by Primus

The heavily armored, blindingly fast Saxon APC was first manufactured during the early Jihad years by Cyclops Incorporated, of Skye, for use by House Steiner's armed forces. Licensing eventually allowed for this small hovercraft to find its way into the ranks of almost every standing army throughout the Inner Sphere, eclipsing the standard model Hover APC. Built to endure the heavier, improved weapons of the modern battlefield, the Saxon sacrifices firepower for armor, but still maintains enough interior cargo space to bring a fully equipped infantry squad to the field, with room to spare.
Dyan Nova Cat's Saxon, serial number LAS671-033b, was actually manufactured by Defiance Industries of Hesperus II, and was recovered late in the Jihad by Devlin Stone's troops on Ascella. Having piloted four such vehicles before this one, Dyan has dubbed his Saxon "Fate's Comet V," in referance to it's blazing speed.

1 Machine Gun