To me, BattleTech always meant novels, tiny collectable miniatures and computer games, based on a board game using robot designs lifted from Japanese anime. It was a nice hobby to have, though it never fully got me. Until summer '98, when the Mechcommander PC-game hit the stores. What a great game! I played the demo on a weekend and couldn't wait to buy it on Monday. Mechcommander got me more involved with BattleTech, but the gap between BattleTech and LEGO still remained to be closed.

The first step was taken in early 1999, when stunning news intruded my mostly Lego-free adult's life: The LEGO Group had signed a merchandising contract with Lucasfilm. LEGO and Star Wars! This had to be the coolest combination of two hobbies in human history. When the sets came out I got them all. Not for messing around, just for eyeballing and owning them. It definitely terminated my "Dark Age", my life without LEGO. There it was again, the seductive rattle of bricks in a box, known from childhood. But this time the boxes were significantly larger and far more numerous - there actually were really good sets to pick up, not just some toys: models pleasing both adults and kids.

A few months later I discovered Ron Perovich's LEGO Mechwarrior-website. And that was even better: LEGO and BattleTech! Incredible LEGO-models of 'Mechs and great photography. Even building instructions! Suddenly all kinds of LEGO-sets became desperately needed supplies of spare parts for new 'Mechs. When the source of new models at Ron's page dried out eventually, I started designing myself. My first own 'Mech was the Shadow Cat, which came off much better than I dared to anticipate - fortunately I seem to have some artistic talent in this direction. April 2000 my website premiered, featuring 3D-renderings of Ron's models, as well as a couple of my own. I went on designing models, and just never stopped. By keeping up this building frenzy with an output of about four or five new models each month, the website has grown to what you see now. The fact that visitors enjoy my website as much as I do drives me on coming up with more cool stuff over and over again. Enjoy!

Your Primus

April 2002, a rather large Event: Two years of LEGO Mechcommander!