Mad Cat III (55t)
Model by Primus

Following the success of the Mad cat II, Clan Diamond Shark developed the Mad Cat III, a medium-weight design to accompagny the heavy Mad Cat and the assault Mad Cat II. As the Diamond Sharks were selling both the Mad Cat II and Mad Cat III straight to the Inner Sphere, providing the Clans' enemies with superior technology, the other Clans banded together to census the renegade Clan. Many believed that was what pushed the Diamond Sharks to move to the Inner Sphere and revert to their original name of Sea Fox. The Mad Cat III has a top speed of 97 kph.

2 Type XX LRM-20 Launchers
2 Series 5K ER Medium Lasers
2 Series 3K ER Small Lasers
4 Series 1K ER Micro Lasers

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