International Links:
Ron Perovich's original website
Part of Ron's site, the online story with cool pics
Source for everything related to Classic Battletech
Wizkids' Website
Premier Mechwarrior Community, run by a Wizkids-employee
Mecha-related website & forum
Technical Readout-scans and info
Battletech miniatures
Battletech miniatures
David Kerber's miniature gallery
Professional BT fiction & art
German Links:
Alles über LEGO; Forum, Chat
Günstiger Online-shop
MWDA-Einzelfiguren, günstige Booster
MW Universe: offizielle dt. MWDA-Seite
Offizieller dt. Vertrieb für Battletech/Mechwarrior-Spielzubehör. Forum, Shop.
Deutscher Mech-Club
BattleTech Deutschland
Looking for LEGO-parts, anyone? :)
LEGO Direct

Building instruction and catalog scans, huge online gallery

Premier international LEGO-forum
LEGO set inventories
LEGO set-inventories
Minifig Stormtrooper blasters & more
LEGO CAD website
Haven't you updated yet?
Must-have free LEGO CAD software
Raytracer, rendering engine for Windows
Custom Minifigs for sale