Forestry Mech MOD (25t)
Model by Primus

Variously known as WorkMechs, UtilityMechs or IndustrialMechs, these workhorses have been on the job for more than seven hundred years. Including AgroMechs, ConstructionMechs, MiningMechs and ForestryMechs, this class of 'Mechs has been plowingfields, harvesting crops, digging mines, logging and constructing buildings at a speed that has allowed the colonization of literally thousands of star systems in the last millennium. Furthermore, the BattleMech - the most fearsome weapon of war ever devised - was based on such designs.
The latest model in a long line, the Earthwerks Ltd. ForestryMech is the cutting edge of logging technology; Earthwerks is currently one of the largest suppliers of such IndustrialMechs in the Inner Sphere. The mounted chain on its right side saw can cut through almost any known material.
The modified ForestryMech is the fastest of the notoriously slow IndustrialMechs. The addition of a medium autocannon to this already potent close combat unit gives this ’Mech exceptional versatility. Hindering terrain only improve its effectiveness, where Camouflage will add to its defenses.

1 LB 5-X Autocannon
1 "Shredder" Industrial Chain Saw