Ken Roos' Warhammer IIC (80t)
Model by Primus

The Clan upgrade to the infamous Warhammer heavy battlemech produced a much more fearsome and lethal version by blending the Clans' advanced technology with a tried-and-true weapons platform that dates back to the Star League itself. Massive armor and an array of devastating long and short-range weaponry make the Warhammer IIC the perfect assault 'Mech, feared and respected by all.

The Warhammer IIC piloted by Ken Roos was originally produced by Clan Jade Falcon, and served among their forces before a successful pre-Jihad raid by Clan Wolf (in-Exile) captured the machine intact. As part of the Warden Wolf troops, it helped fight alongside Devlin Stone's troops during the liberation of Skye. Both 'Mech and pilot later joined Stone in creating the Republic of the Sphere. Ken Roos, having nicknamed the 'Mech "Skuld," prefers to hang back during battle, allowing his subordinates to soften enemy positions before adding his own firepower.

2 Advanced Tactical Missle 6-packs
1 ER Small Laser