Uller (30t)
Model by Primus

The Uller Battlemech (known as the Kit Fox among the Clans) was one of the primary light 'mechs of Clan Jade Falcon, whose invasion of the Inner Sphere repeatedly proved this design's worth in engagements with heavier medium 'Mechs common to the Federated Commonwelath armed forces.
The Uller BattleMech became a common sight on all fronts during the initial years of the Clan invasion. A Light 'Mech, built more for firepower than speed, the Uller was one of the lightest 'Mechs in its day to sport the monstrously powerful Gauss rifle, but its weak armor and comparatively slow overland speed made its life expectancy somewhat brief.

1 Gauss Cannon
2 Medium Lasers