Tiburon (35t)
Model by Primus
Named in the honor of the Sea Fox Clan's former totem, the Diamond Shark, the fast, light, and surprisingly well-armed Tiburon is a lethal and relentless predator born amid the Clan's transformation into a roving society of warrior-merchants. Since then, Tiburons have been spotted in scout and attack formations alike, where their accurate mix of close-in lasers makes them ideal for harassing slower assault units. Is unique, innocuous design serves both to reinforce the Sea Fox Clan's mercantile tendencies and to camouflage the machine's lethality: the Tiburon conceals most of its weaponry in a series of retractable panels. Should a deal go sour, its weaponry can be revealed faster than you can say "renegotiation." Unlike many Sea Fox designs, however, the Tiburon has the distinction of being exclusive property of the Clan; to date, none have been produced for sale.

Chassis: NCIA Endo Steel Type N
Power Plant: 245 XL Fusion
Cruising Speed: 76 kph
Maximum Speed: 119 kph
Jump Jets: None
Armor: Alpha Compound Ferro-Fibrous Armor

4 Medium Lasers
2 ER Small Lasers
2 SRM-2 Launchers