Porfiria Navas' Thunderbolt (65t)
Model by Primus

The Thunderbolt heavy BattleMech was a walking titan of armor and firepower during the Succession Wars, able to take as much punishment as it could inflict and still keep pace with a mobile battle. Its high survival rate and popularity saw it survive to the modern era, albeit in countless variations, such as this jump-capable model, which appeared just before the Jihad. Sporting a hard-hitting gauss rifle with missile and laser backup, this particular Thunderbolt was actually a modification of an older Lyran Alliance model, and was recovered from one of many battlefields on Skye after the planet was liberated by coalition forces.

1 Imperator Automatic Weaponry Gauss Rifle
1 Delta Dart Long-Range Missile 15-Rack
3 Diverse Optics Extended-Range Medium Lasers