Stinger (20t)
Model by Primus

The second most produced 'Mech in the Inner Sphere, the Stinger, was designed as a scout and reconnaissance 'Mech. The Stinger has filled a variety of rolls, including a training 'Mech, a testament to the design's usefulness. When the Taurians began looking to revamp their existing scout 'Mechs, they turned to the venerable Stinger. The Taurian engineers encountered technical difficulties from the outset in producing the armor needed for the new configuration. Though they had the technical know-how to produce ferro-fibrous armor, they lacked the facilities to mass produce the armor on a scale required by the Stinger project. Enter the Word of Blake.

Following up their successful negotiations with the Taurians' Archer project, the Blakists offered to give the Taurians the plans and material to build a plant to producing ferro-fibrous armor and endo-steel. It is rumored that in return, they asked for an unspecified number of Stingers and Wasps as payment.

The Stinger had not seen many changes since its first commission in 2479 - something that would not be true for the Taurians' new variant. The first change made was a new head assembly that incorporated a full cockpit ejection system. The Taurians also decided to give the Stinger firepower that would live up to its name. Two new rocket launcher 15 packs were installed and the single medium laser upgraded with an extended-range model. The Stinger now carried a half-ton more armor protection along with increased firepower.

2 LRM-15
1 ER Medium Laser