Ichiba Pryde's Shrike (95t)
Model by Primus

The distinctive appearance of the ultraheavy Shrike makes its origins as a Jade Falcon engine of destruction quite clear. Developed in the 3110s to revitalize the Falcon's Touman and to counter the likes of the Wolf Clan's Tundra Wolf, the Shrike quickly became a favorite for Falcon commanders because of its heavy and accurate - yet surprisingly heat efficient - firepower. This great leap in heat efficiency is apparently tied to the wing-like structures that mark the newer Jade Falcon 'Mechs, which appear to dissipate heat almost as quickly as it builds.

Ichiba Pryde of the Gyrfaclon Galaxy pilots JF397-44A, which trades some of the model's standard reach for the solid punch of heavy autocannons (to keep with her preferred combat style). Pryde, who has nicknamed this machine "Shark Hunter", is a particularly reckless warrior in combat, and she is known for closing rapidly and relentlessly with her enemies.

2 Type 9 Ultra-10 Autocannons
1 Type X "Long Bow" LRM 10-Rack
2 Series 2b ER Medium Lasers