Shockwave (50t)
Model by Primus

The Shockwave is a medium strike 'Mech developed in the aftermath of the Jihad by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, a former part of the Free Worlds League. Intended for fast attacks rather than hit-and-fade warfare or toe-to-toe slugfests, this design sports an excellent mix of laser and ballistic weaponry. Highly mobile and heavily armed for its size, this machine can deliver a withering barrage, and has the heat sinks to keep up the pressure almost indefinitely.
This Shockwave was captured during a Marik raid against the Capellan Confederation. How F.S. Burdnak managed to smuggle it into the Republic when he defected is unknown, but it goes a long way toward explaining the price on his head. He has named the 'Mech "Final Straw," either as another play on his initials or a suggestion that his arrival in the field can be enough to break an enemy's back.

1 Ultra Autocannon/10
1 LRM 10
1 ER Large Laser