Catalina Trujillo's Shen Yi (65t)
Model by Primus

The Shen Yi is one of the Capellan Confederation's most recent BattleMech designs, conceived just a few years after the Jihad as a heavy-fire support unit with stealth capabilities. Weighing in at 65 tons, with average mobility; thick, sensor-baffling armor; and a payload of missiles and laser weapons, this 'Mech phased out several older missile support elements in the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces within a span of 15 years. The elite forces of the Warrior Houses, naturally, received the majority of these nes 'Mechs first, and even today they are predominantly seen in such combar orders.
Catalina Trujillo's Shen Yi, "Fate's Burning Sword", originated from the first Shen Yi runs to roll off the factory lines on Grand Base. Obsessive to a fault about her and her 'Mechs performance, she is rumored not to allow any technician to even touch the machine without her direct supervision.

1 Large Laser
2 Farfire LRM 20-Racks