Shadow Hawk IIC (45t)
Model by Primus

In 3059, with the advent of new Clan weapon systems, saKhan Carns ordered the Nova Cat technician caste to begin an upgrade and refit program for their oldest second-line BattleMechs. With their Khan's approval, the Nova Cat technicians contacted their Diamond Shark counterparts - an arrangement that had occured before - to see if they would be interested in a joint venture. They agreed, and secretly went to work upgrading two older IIC designs. This venture would see further advancements as well, when the Diamond Sharks took the idea to a whole new level with the refitted and upgraded Warhammer IIC. Both were completed in February 3060, two months before they would be put to the test.

The Shadowhawk IIC 4 uses the Advanced Tactical Missile System backed by extended range and pulse medium lasers. The new design incorporates a new profile in the armor layout, giving the 'Mech a completely new look.

1 Advanced Tactical Missile Systems
2 Medium Pulse Lasers
1 ER Medium Lasers