Caden Senn's Ryoken II (75t)
Model by Primus

Following the success of Clan Diamond Shark's Mad Cat Mk II design - which took the venerable Mad Cat and increased its tonnage and lethality - Clan Ghost Bear attempted its own "new" conversion: the Ryoken II. It walked off the assembly lines in 3075 at the height of the WoB war.

A Ghost Bear MechWarrior who fought alongside House Kurita to take back the world of Dieron in 3077 originally piloted GB002-7BG. Its profile tricked the defenders into believing it was a standard Ryoken, which quickly proved their undoing.

It was damaged badly enough in this conflict that it was abandoned on Dieron, where it was later picked up as salvage by the Second Kearny Highlanders as they moved through Dieron on a mop-up mission. Though it took several years to refurbish, it has since held a place of honor in the unit, and its most recent pilot, Caden Senn, has named it "Undod," or unity.

4 Type OVR-X LB 2-X Autocannon
2 Type XVI LRM-15 Launchers