Lenell Nova Cat's Ocelot (35t)
Model by Primus

One of several new 'Mech designs to emerge from Clan Nova Cat factories after their defection to the Inner Sphere in 3060, the Ocelot is a lightweight, highly mobile strike 'Mech. Featuring decent land speed and armor for its size, with heavy firepower and the heat sinks to effectively use it, this design became an ideal hunter-killer of other light 'Mechs and armored vehicles.

This particular Ocelot originated in the Nova Cat Touman during the Jihad, where it served in the Clan's Delta Galaxy through a number of major engagements against the Blakists. When Delta Galaxy joined the Republic, the Ocelot became a part of Devlin Stone's new defense force, and was eventually transferred to the Purifiers when Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse formed the Spirit Cats. Lenell Nova Cat, its current pilot, has nicknamed the 'Mech "Spirit's Claw" and has shown a marked preference for "pack" tactics in battle.

2 ER Medium Lasers