"The Vede" Vederman Mad Cat II (90t)
Model by Primus

While attending the Sarna Martial Academy, Gregory Alexander Vederman came across the history of the Arcade Rangers of the Sixth Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Hustaing Warriors). Formed during the conflict of 3060 to 3063 that conquered the errant St. Ives Compact and brought it back into the fold of House Liao, the Arcade Rangers were a company of students with no prior military training - only a great deal of simulator time. During the conflict, any and all were pressed into service. The Rangers kept score during battles, using a complex formula only they could know, much less understand, and they managed not only to survive, but also to excel.

This carefree way of looking at life immediately struck a chord in Gregory, prompting him to imitate their attitude and rack up impressive simulator time. He actually jury-rigged his new salvaged Mad Cat II with a small video simulator system that he uses on his down time as "TheVede." Unfortunately, the jury-rigging caused a short in the targeting system that shuts down the Mad Cat II's targeting computer now and then; neither he nor his astech has been able to track down the problem. Though his tampering with state-owned property and his "only one of us is getting out alive, and it won't be me" attitude should have had the Maskirovka detain him for "questioning" by now, his battlefield prowess is enough to keep the Mask at bay... for now.

The Mad Cat II is a superb assault 'Mech that has been in production for over 60 years and sold to both the Clans as well as various Inner Sphere Houses and The Republic of the Sphere. This variation of the Mad Cat II is a Sea Fox favorite; it trades the extralight fusion engine for better survivability, though at the cost of some firepower.

This particular 'Mech was recently taken by House Liao forces during a dispute over the Clan Sea Fox clearinghouse world of Ingersoll, in Capellan space. Though it was eventually ruled a misunderstanding by both House Liao's Director of the Maskirovka and ovKhan Petr Kalasa of Spina Khanate (commander of Delta Aimag) of Clan Sea Fox, the Confederation refused to hand over assets seized on the battlefield. Since its Clan-manufactured Gauss rifle was destroyed, a Capellan Gauss rifle was jury-rigged into place.

1 MilDouglas "Emperor Bones" Gauss Rifle
1 Series 4D-2 Heavy Large Laser
1 Series 6A Heavy Medium Laser