Longbow (85t)
Model by Primus

The classic Longbow assault BattleMech was built with missile support in mind and has been a rare, yet effective, staple of every Great House army since the Star League era. This particular Longbow was a variant introduced in 2610, which was designed to correct some of the problems inherent in the original series produced by StarCorps Industries. Though still not a popular design, it did correct most of the fundamental flaws of the original, such as no close-in weaponry and a lack of sufficient heat sinks.

Chassis: StarCorp 100
Power Plant: Strand 255
Cruising Speed: 32 kph
Maximum Speed: 54 kph
Jump Jets: None
Armor: Starslab/9.5 Mk II

2 Holly LRM-20s
2 Delta Dart LRM-5 Missile Racks
2 Ceres Arms Medium Lasers