Legionnaire (50t)
Model by Primus

House Davion's answer to the Lyran's medium Blitzkrieg design, the Legionnaire is a fast, well armored medium 'Mech built around a single weapon system. Originally designed with a single rotary autocannon slaved to a sophisticated targeting computer, the Legionnaire become known for its deadly accuracy after its production began during the Word of Blake Jihad. The export version, produced for sale to the Republic after the war, swaps the rotary cannon in favor of a less sophisticated variety, but retains the same targeting capabilties for increased accuracy. The Legionnaire was one of the last new designs to be mass-produced by the Achernar BattleMech factory of the Federated Suns, before the plant was scaled back after the formation of the Republic.

1 Mydron Model RC Rotary Autocannon 5 or: 1 Mydron Model B Autocannon/10

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