Eve Buhallin's Eyrie (35t)
Model by Primus

In many ways, Eve Buhallin is a textbook example of her Clan's warrior caste culture and biases. She is a trueborn MechWarrior whose life is wholly dedicated to the pursuit of her lethal art. She is arrogant, headstrong, and a consumate killer, but she is also tainted by her age: 41 is ancient by Clan warrior standards. Buhallin is even more paranoid and competitive with her fellow warriors than most, which constantly puts her at odds with commanders and comrades alike.
A self-described MechWarrior supremacist, Buhallin is also highly opposed th change, and she often decries the Jade Falcon's increasingly diverse pool of warrior subclasses, which now includes more conventional armored vehicles and VTOLs than ever before.

The Eyrie is a post-Jihad design that was first fielded by Clan Jade Falcon during a pitched battle on the Lyran world of Zhongshan in 3087. Built along lines similar to the Cougar, which emphasized firepower, the Eyrie was a more well-rounded combatant, boasting greater mobility, stronger armor, and solid close-in firepower. Though the Falcons failed to take Zhongshan, a pair of Eyries destroyed a full lance of Lyran armor and two light 'Mechs - demonstrating the design's amazing battle prowess. More have since appeared in several of the Clan's battle clusters.

Eve Buhallin, current pilot of JF106-04A, has not bothered to name her Eyrie, despite piloting the machine ever since winning her Bloodname. She favors hunting and killing infantry and armor units during battle, where her close-in weapons can make quick work of these "offensive" battlefield elements.

2 Advanced Tactical Missile Systems
2 ER Medium Lasers
4 Micro Pulse Lasers