Arnis Drummond's Dasher II (40t)
Model by Primus

In the 3050's, the Clan Dasher was easily the fastest 'Mech in the Inner Sphere, with an array of technologically advanced weapons that easily outclassed and outfought most other light 'Mechs of its day. Thin armor and the Clans' own preference for single combat, however, limited its effectiveness as a raiding or swarm-tactics 'Mech. The Dasher II, developed during the dark years of the Jihad, addressed the former concern even as the Clans themselves continued to adapt their tactics. Heavier, sturdier, and more powerful than the original, the new Dasher still boasts the same amazing ground speed, which could also assist others of its kind in bringing down powerful prey.

Arnis Drummond's Dasher II, nicknamed "Flurry Fire", features a sextet of microlasers for massed, close-in firepower. Arnis himself uses these weapons and the machine's speed for fast, stinging attacks, and often combines fire with other Purifiers to bring down a difficult opponent..

6 Extended-Range Microlasers