Larsen Habbick * Crow Scout Helicopter (15t)
Model by Primus
Serial Number: LC0518-710A
Mass: 15 tons
Movement Type: VTOL
Power Plant: 85 DAV
Cruising Speed: 130 kph
Maximum Speed: 194 kph
Armor: Star Slab/3

2 Exostar ER Small Lasers

The ultralight Crow scout helicopter, designed by House Kurita engineers as a light scout and target spotter, first appeared on the scene just after the start of the Word of Blake Jihad. With incredible airspeed and electronic systems capable of locating and homing in on enemy units, the Crow could easily slip into and out of hostile areas unharmed - all but eliminating worry over its superthin armor.
Though regarded by many in the Archon's Shield regiment as a cocky, elitist snob, there are few who wouldn't swear by Larsen Habbick's claim that he is one of the best chopper pilots around. Before the HPG crash, Habbick was actually a stunt pilot for RedStorm Pictures on Lipton, where he often flew both civilian and (decommissioned) military helicopters and other VTOL craft both on and off the set. Because of his experience as a pilot, he was a natural for Landgrave Kelswa-Steiner's airborne recon section in the Archon's Shield when he signed up. Once there, however, his supreme overconfidence manifested. Egocentric to the point of narcissism, he looks down at plodding MechWarriors, "tankers," and "foot sloggers" of the Archon's Shield, and doesn't hesitate to say that flying aircraft is much more demanding than hulking about in a 'Mech or tank.