Crimson Hawk (25t)
Model by Primus

The Crimson Hawk was concieved by Clan Blood Spirit in 3073 as part of an ongoing effort to bolster the defenses of their shrinking domain. But with rescources running low, the clan was forced to trade with the mercantile Clan Sea Fox to obtain the means to keep their battlemech programs afloat. This arrangment led to both clans jointly developing and producing the Crimson Hawk, among other designs. The lightweight Crimson Hawk was conceived as a light strike 'Mech, with much of its mass devoted to firepower and armor rather than speed. Intended for built-up terrain or swarm tactics, this 'Mech featured twin extended-range lasers as its main armament, allowing it to deliver serious damage at extreme distances. Some Blood Spirit variations were produced, however, that mounted heavy large lasers for greater punch in exchange for reach and some degree of accuracy.

2 Heavy Large Lasers