Franz Spitzer * Condor Hovertank (50t)
Model by Primus

The original Condor hovertanks featured a mix of medium lasers and a single autocannon for their principal firepower, but the advancement of weapons technology during the Clan Wars made possible several refits that dramatically improved their overall effectiveness. Chief among them involved swapping the old internal combustion engine for a fusion plant, and adding a heavy long-range missile rack for improved punch at a distance. Though slower than its older cousins, this Condor model still possesses the speed and maneuverability to challenge any opponent in the field.

LC1056-327J was built just before the Jihad for use by the Fourth Skye Rangers, and played a role in practically every engagement in defense of Skye. The vehicle became part of The Republic’s militia, along with the rest of the Fourth’s survivors, who followed Devlin Stone after the war. Franz Spitzer has named this vehicle "Skye Fire" to advertise his Free Skye loyalties.

Mass: 50 tons
Movement Type: Hover
Power Plant: 300 Vlar XL
Cruising Speed: 65 kph
Flank Speed: 97 kph
Armor: Starslab/9.5 Mk II

2 SureFire MiniGuns
1 Valiant Arbalest LRM 15-pack
1 Mydron Excel 5SG LB-X AC