Sariah Nova Cat's Centurion (50t)
Model by Primus

Although Sariah is delicate to the point of fragility, since the days of her sibko training she has used this fact as another weapon in her arsenal: most people underestimate her thanks to her diminutive size. Though an excellent warrior, it is her skill at weaving the threads of power and ambition that sets her apart in the Spirit Cats, especially since she is a member of the lesser-known, non-exclusive Bloodname House Vozka. Her current ambitions seem focused on winning command of the Purifiers. This will obviously pit her head-to-head against Janis Nova Cat, which could provide some interesting opportunities.

However, beneath the surface, it appears that her real desire is to see the Vozka Bloodname propagated again to 25 and to have it match the glory and prestige of the Deleportas and Devalis Bloodnames. Once more, as Janis Nova Cat is of the Devalis Bloodname House, her legendary temper would surely snap to the fore should she become aware of Sariah's plans. Her Centurion is nicknamed "Chosen."

Another versatile medium 'Mech capable of multiple duties, the Centurion has been a workhorse machine for centuries. Its good movement, long-range weapon capabilities, above-average armor and excellent heat capabilities make the machine one of the best all-around units. Though it does not specialize in any one area, such as the armor of the Atlas or the firepower of the Jupiter, its jack-of-all-trades design allows it to be fielded in any situation.

1 Heavy Laser
1 Light Laser
1 LRM-10
2 Medium Lasers