Micro-Sulaco from Aliens
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Sulaco approaching Acheron

Welcome to Brick Commander MICRO SPACE!

In 2002, LEGO released the (at that time) largest set so far, the 1 meter long Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer ("ISD"), set number 10030. At a count of whooping 3104 pieces, it also came with a Corellian Corvette, thus establishing what is now referred to as "ISD-scale". Or more precisely, 1:1600. Unfortunately the ISD remained the only model in this product cathegory. Too bad, considering the abundance and popularity of capital space ships in movies, tv shows, books or games.
Enter me :)
Right after putting together the ISD I felt the need to create other starships from the Star Wars universe, from the relatively tiny Nebulon-B frigate to the Victory Star Destroyer and eventually the Venator from Episode III. The story could have ended there, but it didn't.

After having created several hundreds of models from BattleTech and MechWarrior over the years (mostly in "minifigure-scale"), I realized that my small collection of ISD-scale models should get a home too. Until then BrickCommander was solely dedicated to the BattleTech universe, and visitors lured in by images of models from Star Wars I posted at www.brickshelf.com tended to get lost. Hello, has anyone seen the Star Destroyers ..? Well, that should be fixed now.

What still needs fixing is the size of my collection. Of course I didn't stop at collecting what I had created so far and what other builders came up with. For the launch of this new section of BrickCommander I made several new models as well. The "models" page may take a while to load for some internet users, but I thought it part of the fun to have all models (rendered at the same scale and from the same angle) on one and the same page. If you have always been curious about the size (relative to each other) of space ships from Star Wars, this page is for you. And it's not just spaceships from Star Wars. I got several visitors from other "universes" as well, and plans ... oooh, the plans! What I do NOT have, however, is an ISD-scale Super Star Destroyer. Hey, building a model TWELVE meters long is still a problem.
But we'll see about that. I believe with LEGO, even 12 meters is probably not the final frontier ... ;)

have fun!
"Primus" Burkhard

Munificent Star frigates and Republic cruiser
Battletech meets Star Wars
My collection
Also my collection ... :P
Me in Billund at LEGO's 75th anniversary. Thanks to Melody for the photo!
my display in Billund