Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle (11t)
Model by Primus

The key to the success of the Shamash is its unrivaled speed. Able to travel at more than 200 kilometers per hour, the Shamash can outmaneuver almost any battlefield unit deployed by either the Clans or the Inner Sphere. In open terrain, it can even keep pace with most VTOL/VSTOL aircraft, most of which are specifically designed for speed.

Another factor in the phenomenal success of this vehicle was the unique combination of armor and firepower for a vehicle of its size. Four ER small lasers mounted in the turret give the Shamash a full 360-degree arc of fire for a maximum flexibility.

The decision to design the vehicle to be operated by a single crew member was made to lower the overall cost of the vehicle and allow rapid deployment. This decision had an unexpected long-term effect on its drivers, however, who, in repeated testing, demonstarted a sharp rise in their overall performance in standard field exercises as well as actual combat and Trials of Position. Because Shamash drivers face the enemy alone, they quickly adopt the mindset of a MechWarrior.