"Hellfire" Phoenix Hawk IIC (80t)
Model by Primus

Among the Clans, the Phoenix Hawk IIC has always been something of an oddball. For the Steel Vipers, the tenure of Jacob Masters as their Khan was a period of technological stagnation. In a rare attempt at innovation, the Steel Viper Scientist Caste based an assault 'Mech on the venerable Phoenix Hawk. While the new unit remained fast and mobile, it proved to be undergunned. The introduction of the remarkable OmniMech soon relegated the Phoenix Hawk IIC to second line duty.

When tooling up to produce the design for the Steel Vipers, Clan Diamond Shark altered the basic chassis and armor. The reason became clear following the acquisition of the Twycross system. The modifications enabled the reconditioned Trellshire Heavy Industries plant to start production of the 'Mech with only minor delays, quickly bolstering their Inner Sphere garrison. The Diamond Sharks addressed the lack of punch in the design by mounting four Advanced Tactical Missile Systems in the cavernous torso weapon bays. With these flexible weapons, the Phoenix Hawk IIC 4 uses superb mobility to either snipe at long range or to close quickly to deliver devastating close range attacks.

4 CC 9-rack Advanced Tactical Missile Systems