Morningstar Mobile HQ (60t)
Model by Primus

The Morningstar was originally designed to be a city command vehicle (CCV), capable of any urban defense maneuvers in the absence of BattleMechs. In the final years of the civil war, it also saw heavy use as an urban assault vehicle - leading offensive maneuvers of tanks and infantry to capture smaller but still important cities while 'Mechs stormed capitals and production sites.

The Brightstar Master C3 computer is the entire reason for the existence of this tank, allowing it to coordinate a Command/Control/Communications net. This advantage makes incredible use of its standard-design autocannon, allowing the command vehicle to remain out of heavily pitched fighting while still making its presence felt.

Besides the Mydron Excel Autocannon, the CCV also mounts three machine guns for point-defense capabilities - necessary in urban environments.The Morningstar is not designed for extended campaigns, carrying very little ammunition. Its nine tons of armor, however, protect a cargo bay that can be configured to carry either a squad of ballte armor troops or a standard infantry platoon.