Though a mystery to the first ComStar operatives who saw it in the Clan Occupation Zones, expanded knowledge of the Clans has shed light on the purpose and development of the Goshawk (clan designation Vapor Eagle), fielded primarily by Clan Steel Viper. Principally developed as a dueling 'Mech rather than line combat unit the base model relied on excellent maneuverability and a series of pulse lasers mated to a targeting for maximum effect in one-on-one battles. The lessons of recent years, however, prompted the Vipers to field increasingly better suited to large and more fluid engagements, resulting in the birth of this latest variant (Goshawk 3).

Leaving the 'Mech's mobility and overall chassis intact, the Steel Vipers upgraded the Goshawk's primary firepower with the latest and most powerful weaponry at their disposal. They swapped the right-arm large pulse laser for a devastating extended-range PPC and replaced the medium pulse lasers with more dangerous heavy versions. (Source: Classic BattleTech TRO 3055 upgrade)

1 Clan ER-PPC

1 Medium Pulse Laser
3 Heavy Medium Lasers
2 SRM-2 Launchers

Goshawk (55t)
Model by Primus